Continuing education D95 and C95

Handling the modules:

  • to be provided anew every 5 years
  • For both C95 and D95 ​​participants it is possible to carry out an additional module with 7 hours to extend the other class.
  • 35 hours, usually with 5 units (modules) of 7 hours
  • You can carry out the modules at any training facility. You only have to pay attention to the digits according to GWB. We would be happy to help you with this.

Where can you find the validity:

e.g. For drivers who acquired their driver’s license before September 2008, the due date is usually for

D95 in Sep 2018 and C95 Sep 2019

The expiration date is on the back of your driver’s license. Please note that the same rules apply as for the driver’s license renewal. So you can only drive commercially until this day. (there is no grace period!)

How to enter the “95”:

  • At the responsible driving license authority
  • 5 certificates of 
  • attendance (issued by a recognized training facility) (6 certificates of attendance with entries C95 and D95)
  • current biometric passport photo
  • Driver’s license
  • possibly medical certificate with simultaneous driver’s license renewal
  • Observe the processing time (approx. 2 weeks)!

Installation of modules C95 and D95

Module:Theme:FOR:St:Numbers according to GWB
1Health, safety and environment as well as driving safetyC95D9571a,1b
2Economical drivingC95D9571c
3Social law framework for motor transportC95D9572a
4Road traffic risks, crime, health, emergenciesC95D9573a,3b,3c,3d,3e,3f
5aLoad securing, regulations, economic environmentC95 71d,2b,3g
5bPassenger and load securing, regulations, economic environment D9571e,1f,2c,3h

We would be happy to provide you or your company with an overview of the modules you have already received and identify the modules that are still open. It is also possible for us to hold a training course outside of the scheduled dates.

Detailed information and registration at
04282/25 225 Mon-Fri 09.00-13.00
or by email to

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